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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Humor Line: How to Stop a Bully

I've been musing that a person's sense of humor can serve as a marker for their other lines of development: mental, emotional, spiritual, ethical, etc. I'll get back to that in another post. But while researching levels of humor, I stumbled upon "Bullies to Buddies" an amazing site offering a book about how to stop childhood bullying.

To anyone with children I highly recommend chapter 5 on protecting the victim with "four magic words."

I also recommend to everyone Chapter 9 about humor as violence vs. humor as courage. Author Izzy Kalman MS argues that the Columbine high school massacre can be seen as a failure of the sense of humor of the children being bullied!

[Photo permission pending. Do click the image for a very funny gallery of painted images.]


Lo said...

I thank this videeo hes sum gud adviss on bullyin


Mutuelle sante said...

Thank you it was a good guide, now to stop a bully is without a doubt very easy by using your guidance. Thanks